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NCLEX Ultimate Guide

Create a Study plan

In creating a study plan you must first identify both materials you will use to study and the amount of time you have to prepare before taking NCLEX.

Gather Materials

  • NCLEX Study Guide which summarizes the important material from nursing school. I recommend my 119 page NCLEX Study Guide here.

  • Blank calendar or planner to set up your study schedule

  • Practice questions with good rationales. I recommend UWORLD. Practice questions are one of the most affective ways to learn information because it utilizes both active recall and spaced repetition. If you don't know how to study check out the how to study video below:

  • (optional) if you feel like you need a pharmacology refresher I recommend using the Pharmacology study guide here which includes both a 90 page study guide and printable notecards for 146 medications.

Create a study Schedule

  • using your blank calendar identify how many days you have between the start of your studying and NCLEX (I recommend a month and a half).

  • Mark the first and the last week to review the NCLEX study guide, you can select whatever sections you want to do each day, just make sure you finish in a week.

  • Complete practice questions every day, if your schedule allows. I recommend 75 questions in one sitting so you get used to taking the minimum amount of questions.

  • the day before the exam do not study. Instead focus on relaxation.

Understand How NCLEX works and Strategies for Success

  • NCLEX is a computer adaptive test this means your questions are based on how well you have been performing.

  • If you are doing well you will get harder questions, and more select all that apply

  • you do not need a certain number of questions to pass, instead you need to just be above the baseline the computer sets


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