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How to Study Pharmacology

Pharmacology can be an extremely difficult class. The information is dense, and requires memorizing a lot of information. If you want to ACE Pharmacology or Advanced Pharmacology you need a PLAN.

1. Get organized

  • Pharmacology is extremely dry material with a ton of information to memorize.

  • Organize information in ways that will maximize retention of information and minimize time (because you could study for years and still not know everything)

2. Use Pharmacology summaries to supplement readings.

  • Skim the readings and look at charts. However use power points or notes to supplement most of the reading. Read the pharmacology book is trying to process very dense material. You most likely tune out after a while. I like to take my class notes and use the book to add any important points, usually found in the tables, charts, or diagrams.

  • I have a free pharmacology notebook you can check out with my class notes from Pharmacology

3. Use Study Flash cards

4. Use quizlets

5. Go with your gut!

  • Intuition is so important in nursing. Pharmacology can be dense. It is difficult to remember all of the mechanisms of actions, side effects, and nursing interventions for each medication. Don’t second guess yourself, or talk yourself out of an answer.

The Best way to study in Nursing school:


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