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How to Be A Leader in Nursing

How to be a leader. What is a leader and how can nurses become leader. Review assessments, journal articles, and resources to build your leadership skills

In order to be an impactful leader in nursing it is important to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Having awareness of your strengths allows you to use them to your advantage. Identifying your weaknesses allows you to target them for improvement. There are Different types of leaders. For example according to a Harvard Business Review article there are the Pioneer, the Integrator, the Driver, and the Guardian. These individuals possess different strengths and weaknesses, they work differently and they find motivation in different things. This can create conflicts in working relationships. Having awareness of your leadership style and being able to identify others leadership styles can help to create trust and improved working relationships.

To improve your leadership skills it is essential to create an action plan. This plan will allow for action steps for improvement of your leadership skills. Additionally you can utilize reflection, education, and self assessments. Lastly we should identify our goal leadership style. I personally think a Transformational Leader is ideal because they lead from the front, have open communication, give staff autonomy, and create units of empowerment.


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Emotional intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry


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