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ATI TEAS Ultimate Study Guide

Understand the ATI TEAS Exam

Four parts:

  • Science

  • Math

  • English Language

  • Reading

What you need to study:

  • Study Guide you can get mine here

  • ATI TEAS online practice exam

  • Use youtube videos to learn certain concepts in the math, science, and english sections that you do not understand. I have an entire Science study series here

Science Section

The ATI TEAS Exam is testing you on "high school level" subject matter meaning you do not need to know advanced concepts. For example you do not need to know advanced pathophysiology related to anatomy and physiology but you do need to understand how the system works, how it is set up, and the main functions of different organ systems.

I have created a free Science study series. You can follow along with the ATI TEAS Science Study Guide or get the full study pack here


Anatomy and Physiology

  • 1.01: Basics of Cell Theory

  • 1.02: Organelles and their functions

  • 1.03: Cellular Reproduction

  • 1.04: Organ systems

  • 1.05: Anatomical Planes for Human Anatomy

  • 1.06: Anatomy of the Respiratory System

  • 1.07: Gas Exchange Process

  • 1.08: Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System

  • 1.09: Components of blood

  • 1.10: Anatomy of the Gastrointestinal System

  • 1.11: Anatomy of the Central Nervous System

  • 1.12: Anatomy of the Peripheral nervous system

  • 1.13 Different Regions of the Brain

  • 1.14: The Muscular System

  • 1.15: Anatomy of the Skeletal System

  • 1.16: Anatomy of the Reproductive System

  • 1.17: Anatomy of the Endocrine System

  • 1.18: Anatomy of the Genitourinary System

  • 1.19: Anatomy of the Integumentary System

  • 1.20: Anatomy of the Immune System

Life Science

  • 2.01: Macromolecules

  • 2.02: Chromosomes, Genes, and DNA

  • 2.03: Mendel's Law of Heredity

  • 2.04: Basic Atomic Structure

  • 2.05: Periodic Table of elements

  • 2.06: Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Substances

  • 2.07: Chemical Reactions

  • 2.08: Acids and Bases

Scientific Reasoning

  • 3.01: Scientific Measurements Using the Metrics System

  • 3.02: Understand Data from Experiments

Math Section

You can get your ATI TEAS Math Study Guide or the full study pack here


Algebra and Numbers

  • Decimals, Fractions, and Percentages

  • Converting

  • Performing Basic Calculations

  • Operations of Fractions

  • Operations of Decimals

  • Order of Operations

  • Rationale Numbers

  • Algebra Equations

  • Word Problems with Percentages

  • Estimation and Rounding

  • Word Problems involving Proportions and Ratios

  • Creating Equations from Expressions

  • Finding the Slope on a graph

Measurements and Data

  • Interpreting Tables

  • Evaluate Information in Tables

  • Correlating Two Values

  • Geometry

  • Converting

Reading Section

You can get your ATI TEAS Reading Study Guide or the full study pack here

Understand ideas and details

  • Summarize Text

  • Identify Topics, Main Ideas, and Supporting Details

  • Follow a Given Set of Directions

  • Understand Memos, Announcements, and Informal Printed Communication

  • Understand Labels, Bills, or Technical Forms

  • Understand Graphic Information

  • Recognize Event Sequences

Craft and Structure

  • Facts, Opinions, Bias, and Stereotypes

  • Recognize the Structure of Texts

  • Understand the Meaning of Words or Phrases

  • Two Types of Word Meanings

  • Evaluate the Authors Purpose in the Text

  • Identify the Authors Point of View in a Text

  • Understand Features of the Text

Use Knowledge To Understand Ideas

  • Identify Types of Sources

  • Make Predictions, Inferences, and Conclusions About Text

  • Compare and Contrast Themes from Various Sources

  • Evaluate an Argument


  • Appendix A: Prefix Suffix Root List

English Language Section

You can get your ATI TEAS English Language Study Guide or the full study pack here

Conventions of Standard English

  • Spelling

  • Commonly Confused Words

  • Commonly misspelled words:

  • Standard Punctuation

  • Analyze Sentence Structure

  • The Eight Parts of Speech

Knowledge of English Language

  • Grammar

  • Understand Formal and Informal Language

  • Style of Slang

  • Stages of Writing

  • Developing a Paragraph


  • Types of Context Clues

  • Analyzing Word Parts

Word Parts

  • Most Commonly Used Prefix

  • Most Commonly Used Roots

  • Most Commonly Used Suffixes

Overview of how to Score a 95% on the ATI TEAS


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